CBD products are becoming increasingly popular and research continues to yield promising results regarding CBD benefits for a range of symptoms. It might be difficult, however, to get a clear answer on what dosage is best for you. The FDA has not yet created a Recommended Daily Intake for CBD and because of this, there is little information available regarding what dosages might be most helpful for you and your family’s specific needs. 

One of the most common recommendations is “take one dropper of CBD per day.” While this might not necessarily be the wrong dosage for you, it is important to take into account the following factors: 

Considering the above factors, it becomes clear that there is no “universal” CBD dosage. Although there is no way to know what exact dosage is best for each individual, with their unique body chemistry and unique symptoms, a good starting place is to dose your CBD based on weight. We have provided a chart below to serve as a guideline to help you determine what the best dosage might be for you and your loved ones. Items marked with an “X” are options to consider, with the most commonly preferred dosage marked with an “XX.” Of course, it is always important to talk to your doctor about taking CBD supplements and to discuss appropriate dosing with them, considering the factors above, as CBD can interfere with certain medications.

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