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 Our mission is to better the lives of our Texas community by offering quality, certified third-party   tested CBD products.

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Limited Time: Choose 2 from our variety of 25MG Nanotechnology Broad Spectrum capsules. 

A Better Quality of Life is Ahead

Tinctures are extracts of cannabis (in liquid form) combined with a carrier used to treat ailments such as pain and anxiety.

In this collection

500MG CBD Isolate Tincture
750MG CBD Full Spectrum Tincture
250MG Broad Spectrum Water Soluble

Not Helping? No Problem!

For those that may struggle with dosage challenges or with more debilitating ailments, our Delta 8 Flower would be a great fit!

In this collection

OG Bubba Kush


T1 Full Spectrum Berry Blossom


Pineapple Haze


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