CBD State Laws – By UBIX Processing

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“CBD oil is found in both marijuana and hemp. Although both plants are members of the Cannabis Sativa species, they are slightly different. Marijuana is known for the sense of euphoria or “high” that is caused by THC. Hemp, on the other hand, has more cannabinoids and is less likely to produce the same type […]

Research and Expert Opinions

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“The research is emerging to support the use of CBD for numerous conditions, as well as looking closely at safety, side effects, and long-term effects. There are some valid concerns about long-term use that must be tested before CBD can be recommended for other diseases. As one approach to pain management, it is seen as […]

Broad Spectrum VS. Isolate CBD

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You know you’re interested in using CBD products, but what type of product is right for you? Currently on the market, there are broad-spectrum CBD products and there are pure CBD isolate products. Broad spectrum products are made of several types of cannabinoids and terpenes. Although they are full-spectrum, they still test at around zero […]