How To Read the Amount of CBD per Bottle

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How To Read the Amount of CBD per Bottle There are a variety of CBD products available like CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD salves, and CBD gummies. The most commonly used form of CBD is CBD oil.  If you are starting out taking CBD or cannabidiol, you may be wondering what the dosages […]

Tedder Wellness Reviews Texas Tonix

One of my favorite things about the cannabis industry is there are so many brands to discover. However, finding new brands and products that tick all my boxes for buying is another story. So when Texas Tonix, a family-owned CBD brand in Killeen, Texas asked if I would be interested in trying some of their products, I did […]

5 Ways CBD Can Help Reduce Cancer Treatment Pain


5 Ways CBD Can Help Reduce Cancer Treatment Pain  Impressively, CBD has great benefits for cancer patients. Many doctors have begun incorporating the use of CBD oils and other CBD products as a way of assisting with the painful side effects that cancer patients experience during treatment. Here, we will take a look at five […]

Health Benefits Of CBD

Health benefits of CBD

Health Benefits of CBD Over the past few years, CBD has become an increasingly popular supplement for its benefits and improvements to several aspects of overall health! Learn about some of the benefits of incorporating CBD into your wellness routine below! Plant-Based Immunity Boost CBD includes components that can help mitigate inflammation and strengthen the […]

How CBD Works Naturally with Your Body

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! The scientific answer to the question the title poses is through the endocannabinoid system. Unlike the chemicals found in many pharmaceuticals, the  properties in CBD work with your body to naturally help relieve symptoms from a variety of ailments. To […]